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Mortar Repair & Brick Care Tips For Your Reading Property

Mortar repair brick care tips

When it comes to maintaining your Reading property's brick surfaces, the pros at Griffin’s Service All Exterior, LLC have over two decades of industry experience and offer expert mortar repair, pressure washing, and more giving your brick a beautiful appeal and solid stability that will stand the test of time.

Brick isn't just beautiful. It has lasting durability and a timeless appeal that can turn your Reading property's practical surface materials into true works of art. While your brick surfaces are sturdy and solid, there are a variety of conditions that can threaten the integrity of your brick. Having a go-to exterior property maintenance professional that you can trust to care for your brick can make all the difference in relieving the burden and restoring your free time.

Repairing Brick Mortar Joints

Whether you have a large-scale mortar repair project that requires expert tuckpointing for reinforced stability, have wobbly bricks that present trip hazards on your walkways, or need expert chimney capping and repair to mitigate water intrusion, a mortar repair professional will have the right tools and expertise to get the job done. Five-star mortar repair will include neat and clean brick mortar joints and well-matched repairs for a seamless finish.

Pressure Washing

Your exterior property maintenance specialist may suggest routine pressure washing to eliminate organic growth and grimy buildup from your Reading property's brick surfaces. A Reading pressure washing professional will have the right tools, custom processes, and soft washing applications to safely remove contaminants from your brick surfaces without damaging your masonry. Eagle-eye attention to detail and heart-of-a-lion commitment to excellence can make all the difference when it comes to pressure washing your delicate brick surfaces,

Chimney Capping

Expert chimney cap installation is an important measure to protect the interior of your chimney by preventing the instruction of water, debris, and pests while preventing sparks and embers from escaping your chimney and damaging your property. There are a variety of design options and function features to choose from, and your chimney capping professional will help you choose the right chimney cap, chase cover, or damper to meet your needs.

Gutter Cleaning

You may not think that your gutters have anything to do with your Reading property's brick surfaces, but routine gutter cleaning will keep your gutters free of debris that can lead to clogs and breaches that threaten the integrity of your brick surfaces. Gutter cleaning eliminates overflows and puddling that can wear down your brick, erode your mortar, and damage your structure.

Reading's Exterior Maintenance Experts

If you've been looking for go-to exterior property maintenance and pressure washing professional for your Reading home or business, the pros at Griffin’s Service All Exterior, LLC have you covered from the roof down. Use our easy online form to request a free estimate or call us at 610-334-2744 to request mortar repair, chimney cap installation, and pressure washing services from the pros at Griffin’s Service All Exterior, LLC.